Why not use the Zoom?

With so many affordable consumer recording devices on the market, it's very tempting to use a hand-held device to make recordings yourself. Why not?


Besides the added stress level of recording yourself, there is also an ENORMOUS difference in audio quality! But don't take my word for it... Here is the same clip of the Brahms E-flat Viola Sonata recorded both with a Zoom H2 and with my equipment. Take a listen and hear the difference for yourself! (For best results, use headphones)

Example 1

Recorded with Zoom H2

(Hand-held Audio Recorder)

Amazing right?! Here's why:


Besides the fact that my microphones and preamplifiers are more clear and sensitive (and expensive!) than any hand-held product, I place them in a formation that better simulates the human ear in a real acoustic space. This type of positioning is impossible when your microphones are fixed as close together as they are in the Zoom products. (Even with removable microphone capsules and programmable settings.)  Plus, with my 15 foot microphone stands, I am able to position microphones at the ideal location and height. When I record your next audition or concert,  you get much more than just better equipment. You also get the  knowledge and experience that tailors each session to the strengths of your playing, making you sound your absolute best.


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Example 2

Recorded with Neumann KM184 Microphones and an Apogee Preamplifier

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