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With over 6 years of professional experience, Yoni Avi Battat has worked in numerous  venues, recording groups of all sizes, from solo piano to chamber music and orchestras. As a staff engineer at Boston University and Brandeis University, Yoni has recorded hundreds of live concerts, documenting student and professional performances with high quality audio and video. In addition to live concerts, Yoni also works in private sessions to record auditions and commercial releases. His recordings have been submitted in successful applications to music festivals  and competitions across the world. Yoni's advanced mobile recording rig allows him to provide recording services in any location, at a fraction of the price charged by studios.

"Working with Yoni was an

absolute pleasure.

The process was quick and painless

with his helpful guidance

and constant communication.

He was an   attentive listener  with   wonderful insight throughout

all my recording sessions..."


-Ilana Mercer, violist

"Yoni is always the first person I go to when I need to have a recording made, because no one else comes close to matching his quality of service

at such a competitive price.

Each time I have worked with him a significant amount of music had to be video recorded, and yet he managed to return the final product, to

exceptional acoustical and visual standards,

within a day of the recording session—his turn-around  couldn’t be any quicker.

What makes recording with Yoni perhaps most invaluable is that he himself is a truly

talented and knowledgeable musician;

I can record music with him knowing with full confidence that he will be able and willing to offer practical and profound feedback

on my playing, and,

coupled with his proficiency as an audio technician,

I can always trust that

through him my musicianship will be best represented."


-Colin Webb, violist

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